Otaki : The Town of A Castle and Hot Springs Nearest to the Narita Airport

 Otakijo Castle ( Temporarily closed )

 ● Armor Try-on Experience (Currently out of service)

 ● Oido Large Well

 ● Yakuimon Gate

◇ Kanko-honjin Tourist Center

 ● Rental bicycles

 ● Jinrikisha rickshaw ride

◇ Jokamachi, Town In Front Of The Castle

 ● Akinai Shiryokan Trading Museum

 ● Toyonotsuru sake brewing

 ● Watanabe Family's Residence

 ● Oya Ryokan Japanese style hotel

 ● Mexico-dori Street

◇ Otakijo Castle Walk Route Recommendations

◇ Yorokeikoku Onsenkyo Hot Spa

◇ Access by Train

◇ Access by Bus

◇ Telephone numbers

 ●Railway Taxi  Bus 

Kanko-honjin Tourist Center

Visit here for local information and souvenirs. Jinrikisha rickshaw ride and bicycle rental also available. One month advance reservation preferable for the rickshaw ride.

Rental bicycles

Available at Kanko-honjin Tourist Center. Small bicycles for kids are also available. Each for 300 yen per day. A bicycle with a motor is also available for 500 yen per day.

Jinrikisha rickshaw ride

Departing from Otaki Kanko-honjin, you can go through the town scape of Ko-edo, small Edo of Boso area including Jokamachidori, castle town street about an hour. 3,000 yen per ride.

Please make your reservation one month prior to your ride at Kanko-honjin Tourist Center (0470-80-1146).


Access by Train
Keiyo Line limited express 'Wakashio' departs from Tokyo station's underground platform and arrives at Sotobo Line Ohara station without transfer (about 70 minutes). Transfer at Ohara to Isumi Railway which takes you to Otaki Station (about 30 minutes).

JR Uchibo line Kaisoku express departs from Tokyo station and arrives at Goi station in 60 minutes.  Transfer there to Kominato Railway to Kazusa-nakano station. Then transfer again to Isumi-tetsudo railway which takes you to Otaki Station  (about 30 minutes).


Access by Bus
Currently 3 bus companies Keisei, Kamogawa Nitto and Kominato operate the bus line between Hamamatsucho terminal, Tokyo and Otaki. Some buses are for Awa Kominao. Others are for Onjuku. Stops are Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit side, Kisarazu Kaneda Bus Terminal and Ichihara Tsurumai Bus Terminal. There are six roundtrips every day.  For further information, please check their websites: Keisei Bus at http://www.keiseibus.co.jp/index.html, Kamogawa Nitto Bus at http://www.kamogawanitto.co.jp/, and Kominato Bus at http://www.kominato-bus.com/highway/index.html.